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Fermentation Yield Booster

AlcoRich is a unique enzyme formulation designed for its application in molasses fermentation to boost the fermentation reaction & increase yield by hydrolyzing complex sugars, invigorating yeast cells, and, controlling the microbial contamination.

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Mode Of Action

AlcoRich hydrolyses a part of complex sugars in the molasses and converts it into simple sugars which the yeast can then take up for fermentation. The enzyme also has a protease side activity which hydrolyzes the protein present in molasses and therefore liberates FAAN (Free Alpha Amine Nitrogen).

PH & Temperature Profile

  • The enzyme is active at an optimum pH of 4-5 and at a temperature of 35-40 ℃. In these conditions AlcoRich produces appreciable increase in the alcohol yield and fermentation efficiency.

Dose Rate

  • AlcoRich is dosed at 3-5 ppm of the total fermentable wort (diluted molasses).


AlcoRich is available in 30 Kg HDPE drums.

Storage And Shelf Life

AlcoRich should be stored in cool and dry environment. AlcoRich is stable for 6 months under these conditions.

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