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Dextranase for Sugar Industry

SugaRich can hydrolyze Alpha-1, 6 glucosidic linkage of Dextran. This polysaccharide is produced by some micro organisms such as Leuconostoc Mesenteroides. When harvesting, sugar cane is damaged climatically or mechanically and such microorganisms would attach the damaged portion, the microorganisms will assimilate the cane sugar and produce viscous Dextran. At a cane sugar factory, Dextran containing juice shows low filtration rate and poor crystallization of sucrose due to increase in viscosity. SugaRich is an endo splitting type Dextranase and hydrolyzes the Dextran rapidly. Accordingly, usage of SugaRich improves overall process efficiency in sugar process by eliminating the interference of Dextran in filtration and crystallization.

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SugaRich is amber to brown colored liquid and is completely miscible with water.
SugaRich complies with recommended specifications for Food Grade enzymes.


SugaRich has a high degree of specificity for the interior bonds of Dextran polymer versus the end sugar unit. SugaRich also has a pH optimum appropriate for application to mixed juice, and no Invertase activity. The desired level of Dextran hydrolysis can be achieved either by adjusting the level of enzyme treatment or by adjusting the hold time. In most situations the hold time will be fixed so that adjustments are made by varying the enzyme application rate. SugaRich is used in the sugar industry to hydrolyze Dextran in raw sugar juice with a wide range of sucrose content between 15 and 60℃ Brix; light acid pH about 5.0 and temperature up to 60 ℃.


  • Competent degradation of Dextran;
  • Improves clarification and crystallization of sucrose;
  • Reduces over all viscosity and ensures improved pan boiling;
  • Increased sugar quality and process efficiency;
  • Improved evaporation and crystallization;
  • Reduced scaling in heater and evaporator;
  • Reduced purging time and improved exhaustibility of massecuites;
  • More sugar and less molasses per ton of cane;
  • Improvement in filterability
  • A guarantee that production process will always run smoothly and efficiently;


SugaRich can be dosed in the range of 1 - 3 grams per ton of crushed cane.


SugaRich is available in standard 25 kg HDPE drums.


SugaRich should be stored in a cool, dry place. It retains its declared activity for at least a period of 12 months when stored at 4 ℃ and for at least 6 months at 25 ℃.

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