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Full of Taste, Full of Fun

Goodrich-Byte is a yummy chocolatey splash filled with byte of chocolate and energy. It will fill your mouth with amazing taste and aroma, and will reenergizeyou. It is any-where and any-time kind of byte which will refresh you and give you a great feeling.

This CANDY is filled with TASTE and NUTRITION, which will replenish and recharge you and make you feel zestful and more bouncy. This CANDY has a splash of flavours, which explodes in your mouth and you can munch it now and always. It will tingle the taste buds and add a zing in the day of kids and adults alike.

Goodrich-Byte embodies the goodness of Milk Solids, thereby making it an irresistible offering that's hard to ignore.

Nutritional Infromation

Nutrient Qty Per 100gm(Approx)
Energy Value 440 Kcal
Protein 6g
Total Carbohydrates 77g
Added sugar 18g
Fat 12g
Minerals 2g
Moisture (Max) 3%