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GlucoRich - BG

Glucoamylase for Saccharification

GlucoRich - BG is a Glucoamylase enzyme derived from a selected strain. This enzyme is capable of catalyzing the release of glucose units by hydrolyzing both the linear (1, 4 alpha D-glucan) as well as the branched (1, 6 alpha D-glucan) glucosidic linkages.

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GlucoRich - BG is a light to dark brown colored liquid with specific gravity of 1.10-1.15 g/ml and is completely miscible with water. GlucoRich - BG complies with recommended specifications for Food Grade enzymes.


GlucoRich - BG is used Brewing Industry. This enzyme is used for saccharification of un-hydrolyzed starch into dextrins and further into glucose; by addition of GlucoRich - BG we can control the degree of attenuation of the wort.

Recommended Conditions

  • pH: 4.0-5.0
  • Temperature: 60-65 ℃
  • Dosage: 0.40-0.45 kg/ton of starch


GlucoRich - BG is available in standard 25 kg HDPE Drums.


GlucoRich - BG should be stored in a cool, dry place. It retains its declared activity for at least a period of 12 months when stored at 4 ℃ and for at least 6 months at 25 ℃.

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