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Alpha Amylase for Sugar Industry

CaneRich is a starch-hydrolyzing alpha-amylase with high heat and pH stability derived from a genetically modified micro-organism. When added to sugar juice or syrup containing starch, it will break down the starch & starch derivatives into shorter fragments which will increase solubility, thus enhancing sugar crystallization & separation.

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CaneRich is an amber colored liquid with a specific gravity of 1.20 ‒ 1.25 and is completely miscible with water. CaneRich complies with recommended specifications for Food Grade enzymes.


CaneRich is used in Sugar Industry. It is an endo ‒ amylase that helps in reducing viscosity and aids in the dextrinization of starch polysaccharides.

Perfomance Benefits

  • Capacity optimization - by maintaining the viscosity of raw juice and syrup under control, thus avoiding stoppages in juice processing
  • Increased yields - as starch is hydrolyzed, it will not build up in the liquor from sugar crystallization and separation
  • Improved quality - by eliminating the amount of starch present in sugar crystals

Recommended Conditions

  • Optimum pH: 7.0
  • Optimum Temperature: 93-95 ℃
  • Dosage: 3 ‒ 5 gms / ton of crushed cane.


CaneRich is available in standard 25 OR 30 kg HDPE drums.


CaneRich should be stored in a cool, dry place. It retains its declared activity for at least a period of 12 months when stored at 4 ℃ and for at least 6 months at 25 ℃.

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